Hardware Setup, Troubleshooting, Repair and Support


We provide computer hardware setup installation for any new purchase and troubleshooting or repair in other computer hardware. For example repair printer, desktop, notebook and etc.

Software Installation and Support


You need some one to help you install software application for you? Such as Microsoft, Adobe and Accounting application. We can help you!

Hardware Upgrades


What do you need to do when you feel your computer is running slow? You can upgrade your computer to get better preferment without purchase new machine. Let us upgrade for you now....

Internet Security and Virus Protection


Many company having internet security and virus protection issue. NKH Solution is one of IT solution provider to solve your company problem with provide Firewall and Antivirus tools to protect your office computer.

Broadband Internet and SIP Trunk Registration


Need broadband internet and telephone SIP Trunk service? NKH Solution can provide new or upgrade ISP registration service for you.

Email and Internet Domain Setup


Our support team can help you to setup email in SMTP mail application and web hosting or domain registration.

IT Advice and Consulting


We offer IT advice and consultant for your office to help you setup a high productivity and secure IT environment to reduce your total built up cost. Contact us now!

Networking and Cabling


How do you built your office networking solution? Our support team will help you create a standard and secure networking with selected tools for you. We have professional cabling team to help you to lay your office or home network cabling. Beside that, we have provide other cabling for example IP telephone, IP CCTV and power point cabling.

Security Solution


Beside IT service and solution, NKH Solution also provide security solution such as IP alarm system, IP door access and IP closed-circuit television CCTV to help you to take care and monitoring your office asset. This can reduce your risk and more sucure.