SecuLetter - Cloud Advanced Email Security Solution (SLES)

    Proactive Protection Against Advanced Cyber Threats
    Advanced Email Security service for SMBs using public cloud email service.
  • SecuLetter Email Security proactively block the threats such as ransomware, zombie program, zero-day attack, spear phishing, and especially provides powerful performance on unknown attacks by assembly level analysis.
  • SecuLetter Email Security uses multi-layered protection with MARS (Malware Analysis Reverse-engineering System) which has automatized the reverse-engineering analysis pattern and deliver the most advanced threat detection capabilities defend against advanced persistent threats originating from emails.
  • With SecuLetter Email Security, you can protect your internal systems from cyber attacks such as APTs, phishing, malware, impersonation attacks inflowed via email

SecuLetter advanced email security service is provided as a hosted service to support both in-house mail server and public cloud email users. The service will be provided in annual subscription based with reasonable pricing.

    Seculetter Email Security provides proactive countermeasure to diagnose malicious threats faster and accurate than anyone else.
  • Assembly Level Diagnosis
      * Provide Accurate Diagnosis Rate
      * Reduce False Positive and Negative
  • Multi-layered Protection
      * Static Analysis
      * Dynamic Analysis
      * Reverse-engineering Analysis
      * PE (Executable) File Analysis
      * Password-protected File Analysis
      * CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)
      * AI (Artificial Intelligence)
      * Threat Intelligence
  • 5 Times Faster
      * Reduce 80% of Diagnosis Time vs APT Solution
  • Neutralize Evasion Technique
      * Detect and Block Evasive Malware by SecuLetter Special Technology
    Onboarding SecuLetter Email Security Service (Annual Subscription License)
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